Catherine and I moved to Antioch in 1989 because of the diversity, caring residents and it's community character. Since that time I've watched as city leaders either did very little to meet our needs, wants and desires or approved less desirable projects and uncontrolled growth across the community. 

In early 2000, I determined to get involved to ensure our community has a strong effective voice in our schools and our city. I served for six years on the Parent Advisory Council as a charter member and helped build the Antioch Cluster Parent Group and reduce overcrowding in our schools.

As councilman, I've consistently held town hall meetings every quarter and developed an email newsletter to keep residents informed on issues of importance. I've always sought input from you, then worked to represent the views of our community as a whole.


Even with the challenges of the floods of 2010, we are making progress! Here are a few areas:

  • New addition at Apollo Middle, likely the most energy efficient school building in the nation.
  • Detailed design plan for 832 acres between Bell Road and Una-Antioch Pike to prevent more apartments and control future growth.
  • Traffic calming on Apollo, sought for 30 years, now done!
  • Eliminated a duplicate street name sought for 8 years for safety reasons, now done!
  • No Parking signs in Ransom Park to insure safer emergency access.
  • Zoned three areas to prevent more duplexes in established neighborhoods
  • Helped start numerous neighborhood watches, three in the month of June!
  • Removed numerous damaged and abandoned structures with a few more to go.
  • Added a turn lane on Bakertown Road at Haywood Lane.
  • New traffic signals have been installed at Richards Road and Antioch Pike.
  • BusLink has been placed in the community to improve transportation options for resident.
  • Have seen the hiring of over 230 new Police officers since taking office.
  • Soccer fields so our youth have productive opportunities for sports, to open on Antioch Pike in November.
  • After polling residents of the district, I also lead the way to preserve our beloved fairgrounds. 

There is more to do. We must continue to work to celebrate the diverse residents of what I lovingly call "the United Nations of Antioch and southeast Nashville." We must work to unite, rather than segregate the different sectors of our community. Some choose to divide our community by party, or race, or nationality, or economic status. In the end this only damages our neighborhoods and the people that live within them.

Get Involved

The campaign is in full swing and we need your help to get Duane's message of responsible and accessible government out to the voters of the 28th district. A proven leader committed to represent our community. If you would like to volunteer contact us.

Regular Community Meetings

And district 28 eNews to keep you informed.

Responsible Growth

This will improve our neighborhoods.

Safer & United Community

Through increased neighborhood watches.

Increased Recreation Options

For our children, families, and personal health.

Let's continue working together for a better community






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