With one in four arrested in Davidson County being on parole or probation and three of four having prior records, we have a severe problem with repeat offenders impacting our lives and draining our law enforcement resources. We need judges who are accountable to the people. We need sentencing that is truthful. Prison amenities should highly limited, not a place anyone would want to return. We need to insist on repeat offenders serving their time.

We should support our law enforcement personnel insuring they have the tools and resources to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. I fully support the "Officers Bill of Rights" offered by the Fraternal Order of Police to protect our officers.

In the fight against crime, one of the most important tools is our right to protect ourselves. This is probably the most important amendment in the Constitution. If this were to fall the others would soon follow..


The family is the building block for our society's foundation and respect for life is the mortar that unites the whole. The breakdown of families will only lead to more crime, more poverty and more dependence on government. We should strive to break the cycle of dependance by promoting strong relationships with parents, quality educational opportunities, as well as individual responsibility and self-sufficiency.


The short answer, we must enforce our laws. They should be enforced consistently, firmly and in a way that is respectful of the individual. 

The 28th district is one of great diversity, representing virtually any nation on the globe. This provides a deep richness that we can take pride in as a welcoming community. I recently spoke with a lady from Taiwan, who proudly told me, "I can vote!" Her smile was heartwarming and unforgettable. We should encourage more legal residents to become citizens. As a leader in our community, I will seek to locate a citizenship testing center in Nashville to aide legal residents in becoming citizens. Currently, the closest location is in Memphis making it difficult and cost prohibitive for many who desire to become citizens.



I lead the fight to preserve our beloved fairgrounds by collecting over 40,000 signatures in support. I also filed legislation that ultimately lead to the wheels falling off of the mayor's plan to destroy this community fixture and insured the people have a voice in this important issue. This hotly debated topic creating the largest attendance at a public hearing in the history of Nashville. As one fairgrounds vendor stated earlier this year, "If it weren't for Councilman Dominy, the fairgrounds would be no longer exist!"

The Tennessee State Fairgrounds is a tremendous asset that belongs to you, the residents of Davidson County. Here are a few points of interest you may not know about the property.

  • 117 acres, wholly owned by Metro government
  • Has operated on this site for over 107 years
  • Averages over 265 events per year (held 365 in 2010)
  • Vendor/businesses that attend employ hundreds here in our community
  • $40,000,000 to $60,000,000 of economic impact (EI) per yearEI generates
  • $4,000,000 to $6,000,000 bottom line revenue for our city.
  • Operates as an Enterprise Fund (aka does NOT require tax subsidy to operate

The charter amendment requires all functions occurring in 2010 to continue, and requires a bill to change such activities or portions of the property to receive 27 votes or a super majority.

Please vote "Yes" on the charter amendment to save our fairgrounds!



Our district has great caring residents in a our neighborhoods. By working together, we can address the concerns we face from a united front. Neighborhood watches are an important tool to do this. I have and will continue to promote neighborhood watches working with residents to encourage participation and develop a partnership with our police and other city departments. Together we can protect, preserve and promote our neighborhoods.



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